Our expertise includes:



  • Landfill Gas Resource Assessment

    We have developed the use of a gas recovery computer model to estimate gas production at landfill sites. Combining the results of this model with a programme of on-site pumping trials significantly reduces the risk of gas shortages in landfill gas utilization projects.

  • Landfill Gas Collection and Control Systems

    We design, install and operate gas collection systems and landfill gas flares. Our experience over a large number of sites has allowed us to evolve unique features to maximize gas collection system efficiency and reliability.

  • Landfill Gas Powered Electricity Generation Projects

    We own and operate numerous power generation projects as our core business. As a result we are in a unique position to offer alternative development structures to landfill owners, local authorities or government agencies. All of our projects are designed, installed, operated and maintained by our own team of specialist engineers.

  • Financial Strength in Electricity Generation Projects

The financial strength and innovative approach of CLP Envirogas has enabled us to build more projects more quickly and at lower cost. This financial flexibility allows us to make decisions quickly and bring all the necessary resources to bear on attractive project opportunities. This results in rapid commissioning and more revenue.

  • Project Management and Operations and Maintenance Services

    CLP Envirogas performs all of its own operation and maintenance, as well as managing all aspects of a landfill gas project's construction and long term performance. Our highly integrated approach to development and operation of power generation projects has produced the company's success and made CLP a leader in the industry.


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